Management Contract

Hotel management contract is a type of formal agreement under which the hotel owner or the business owners hire the services of a hospitality management company against a predefined fee, who in return act as the agent for the business owner to deliver professional management services. Under the contract the hospitality management company assumes complete liability for the management of the business, but the financial and legal responsibility, ownership rights, benefit of its profits and working capital remain under the actual owner of the business.

Under the management contract, we at ETHICAL HOPITALITY deploy our expertise operating executives in your organization on long term basis to handle the management with dedication and complete professionalism. Our management operating executives will provide guidance and aid the operational team of the hotel and also keep a close eye on the performance of the team on daily basis. In order to preserve the standard of the hotel and to improve the quality standard we regularly audit the performance of the operational team and create report on daily basis and this helps us to find out the loophole where improvement is required. So, with our quality hospitality management services and operating perfection superior margin and earnings is 100% guaranteed. So, signing management contract with us meaning hiring services of a company with complete professional skills, superior quality services and outstanding profits.

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